I’ll be brief.

I’m 16, I’m a transgender male (that is, female-to-male) and I’m from the U.K.

I’ve had depression for several years of my life, self-harmed and attempted suicide more times than I can count.  But, that’s in the past now, and it’s given me a different perspective on life than I think I would of had otherwise.  That’s not me trying to say that I’m amazing, I’m most certainly not, but I’ve been through things that I hope most teenagers haven’t.  Also, due to growing up in a pub, I’ve socialised more with people in their forties than my own age range; to be honest I don’t know how to socialise with my peers anymore, even my girlfriend is four years older than me.

I also struggle with my memory, so somethings might be a bit fuzzy, but I’ll do my best.

See here if you want to know more about me.


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